Sandal(Cheerful)× Soul(Song to Soul)

Friendly and cheerful music like sandals get to ware everyday,
With a lilting rhythm climbing from Soles to the Soul.
Influenced by soul music, A singer "sunny" created an idea of "SandalSoul" to deliver powerful and soulful music to everyone in more casual way.
Sunny currently performs as a  solo-unit around Tokyo area as well as nationwide.

About Sunny:
Born in Hikari-shi, Yamaguchi. She moved to Tokyo to start her carrier as a musician when she was 18.  And at the age of 24, She discovered her talent as a soul & jazz singer while she was a member of a band.
In 2007, She formed a band "SandalSoul" to deal with its original lyrics and songs, which disbanded soon after.
The name "SandalSoul" is remained as it is, Sunny has started as a solo unit while changing her style in solo, band and etc., performing in Tokyo, Yamaguchi and other areas.
A strong -style of Sunny's voice and her expression of emotions with the whole body fascinates ones who listen.

Official Website:https://sandalsoul.com/

CD Release​
・2015.11.23 『sandal past』
・2016.05.25 『Sandal tone』

・『Yes』: https://youtu.be/T5jx5aKvroY
・『小さな世界』: https://youtu.be/oSRmK5i2U8c
・『くらやみからうまれるうた』: https://youtu.be/GyhU4ow4ehU

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